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We offer a big DLL files base for all Windows applications and games. Download necessary DLL file for correct work of your application.

We have numerous DLL files for Windows applications and games. DLL files are special small computer programs which are important for good and exact work of applications. We provide DLL's download absolutely free. No correct DLL file or DLL file missing may be a reason of some errors in work of applications. Here you can find a big DLL-files library for a full range of OS such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc. It happens that applications or games cannot work without OCX files. We have a wide OCX files collection. Our Free Dll download base consists of new and old versions, standard and additional DLL files. Sometimes you may need to download one or another of them.

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File name Comments/Version Download +CD
A0 DK1 [Stereo].dll A0 DK1 [Stereo].dll, v Download A0 DK1 [Stereo].dll
A0 DK1.dll A0 DK1.dll, v Download A0 DK1.dll
A0 SweepTracker.dll A0 SweepTracker.dll, v Download A0 SweepTracker.dll
A0 xChorus II.dll A0 xChorus II.dll, v Download A0 xChorus II.dll
A0000191.dll A0000191.dll, v Download A0000191.dll
A0000208.dll A0000208.dll, v Download A0000208.dll
A0000210.dll A0000210.dll, v Download A0000210.dll
A0001725.dll A0001725.dll, v 5.1.2600.1166 Download A0001725.dll
A0001728.dll A0001728.dll, v 6.0.2600.1167 Download A0001728.dll
A0001729.dll A0001729.dll, v 6.0.2600.1182 Download A0001729.dll
A0001730.dll A0001730.dll, v 6.0.2600.1167 Download A0001730.dll
A0001731.dll A0001731.dll, v 5.1.2600.1152 Download A0001731.dll
A0001732.dll A0001732.dll, v 5.1.2600.1172 Download A0001732.dll
A0001733.dll A0001733.dll, v 6.0.2600.1189 Download A0001733.dll
A0001734.dll A0001734.dll, v 5.1.2600.1173 Download A0001734.dll
A0001735.dll A0001735.dll, v 5.1.2600.1181 Download A0001735.dll
A0001747.dll A0001747.dll, v Download A0001747.dll
A0001748.dll A0001748.dll, v Download A0001748.dll
A0001750.dll A0001750.dll, v Download A0001750.dll
A0001752.dll A0001752.dll, v Download A0001752.dll
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