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How to update Windows drivers

Old driver can cause a lot of problems, first of all, we recommend you to update the driver in the event that you are experiencing any problems. The following tips will help you to update your hardware drivers.

Note, old driver can be installed even on new computers, because updates are released frequently. Some games and programs can work properly on older drivers, but problems may be occurred in other games and programs.

There are three ways to update the driver.

You can update the driver using the Update Windows. You may need to set up automatically download and install recommended updates. To install an updated driver, follow these steps.

Click the Update Windows. In order to do this, click the Start button. In the search box, type Update, and then in the list of results, click the Update Windows.

Click Check for Updates. If updates are available, click on the appropriate links to get more information about each update. Each type of update might include drivers.

Select the check boxes for all the drivers to be installed, and then click OK. Note that the available updates for drivers may not be.

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