How to Install Firmware on Routers

The functionality of your router can become more productive if you update the firmware for your device. The procedure of firmware installation on the router is not difficult, just requires to follow the certain instructions you can see below.

  1. Find the details concerning to the router make and model on the unit. Write down the information you have found correctly. Remember, there are a lot of similar titles which can be confused. Be attentive, wrong firmware installation can be a reason for crash of your device.
  2. Download a firmware binary according your router manufacturer and model. Look for this on the official manufacturer website or reliable Internet resources which are free from viruses. We can recommend you to use our Myfixbase. Anyway, always check the downloaded files using your virus .
  3. After that you should connect to the router. It would be better to do it through an Ethernet cable even if you have no problem with wireless connection. In this case you will protect the procedure from an unwanted interruption.
  4. Now you should log in to your router. For this, you need to know the address of your router. Address of the routers are usually unchanging, and it depends on the manufacturer. In most cases the address of the router is Another no less common address is Type the address into the address bar of your browser.
  5. Then, you will be required to enter your username and password. Typically, routers use the default username and password on condition that you haven't changed it once. If it is necessary, you always can find the default login for your router in your device manual.
  6. You should to open "Firmware" preference pane. Its location depends on your device make and model. So, try to click "Advanced", "Maintenance" or "Router Upgrade".
  7. When you find the proper preference pane, you will be offered to upload the firmware. Choose the file downloaded in Step 2. So, the firmware will be installed on your router automatically.