What should you know about DLL

What exactly DLL means?

A DLL file or dynamic link library means a collection of specific small programs, or support files for certain types of software.

Why my DLL files disappear sometimes?

The fact is that DLL files are used by a lot of different programs. When a certain program was removed, all the files that had been installed during installation process were removed too.

How to install or reinstall DLL files?

If you need to install or reinstall DLL on you computer, but you don't know how, please relate to our article " How to install DLL? " and follow the steps.

What should I do if I open the Zip-file that I have downloaded and can only see a readme.txt file and not a DLL file?

Firstly, you should go to c:windowsexplorer.exe. Then click on "View" and "Folder Options". Again choose "View" and "Show all files" in "Hidden files". So that, you will see your DLL file.

What are common DLL errors?

Kernel32.dll – It usually appears after closing an Internet Explorer or Outlook window, especially if you have a lot of windows open at the same time.

Msjava.dll – It takes place after trying to open a web page with a Java object or some other Java script.

Ole32.dll – It happens after attempting to add Clipart to a Microsoft Word document.

Msi.dll – It usually occurs after Microsoft Office applications are installed if the installation disks have been damaged in any way.

Wmp.dll – It appears when attempting to open Windows Media Player.

Riched20.dll – It occurs when running Microsoft Outlook crashing the program, or when sending an email in Microsoft Outlook making you unable to compose the email.

Wab.dll – It happens when you try to open or use the Windows Address Book.

What is DLL hell?

DLL hell means an impasse relating to the management of a DLL in the Microsoft Windows operating system. A similar problem in other operating systems is called Dependency hell. The problem refers to the conflict DLL versions, designed to support the specific functions. DLL hell is an example of a bad programming concept, which can cause a sharp increase of difficulties within complication and improving the system. Generally, DLL files must be compatible between their versions and interchangeable. When incompatibility is becoming the rule rather than the exception, it leads to a lot of problems. The matter is that the version information about the different components of an application was not recorded by the system. Nowadays, In more current Windows versions, some of the problems concerning to DLL hell have been resolved to some extent. But if a problem of DLL hell appears, it can be resolved through Versioning, that is the technique to provide version to the DLL to prevent them from replacement.