Missing DLL OCX SYS Files

A DLL definition
A Dll or Dynamic Link Library means a code and data base for programs. A DLL is used by a Windows applications. A DLL important for correct work of applications. Missing of some DLL file may be a reason of some errors in functioning of applications.

A DLL use
Several different programs, applications or other libraries can use the same DLL simultaneously. There are Dll files which are accessible for any Windows applications. They are provided with Windows operating system. There are also other DLLs which are designed for a certain application and loaded with it.

A DLL storage
A DLL storage place in your computer depends on used Windows operating system. So, if you work with Windows 95, 98, 98SE and ME, DLL files are casually located in C:WindowsSystem folders. If you use Windows NT or 2000, DLL files can be found in C:WINNTSystem32. DLL files for Windows XP are usually stored in C:WindowsSystem32.

An INF file definition
An INF file means a plain text. It contains some information, used by Microsoft Windows to install software and drivers. An INF file may provide information about the driver, its location, manufacturer, version,etc.

An OCX file definition
OCX files are special program files, used by other Windows programs for interface behaviour. They allow to perform specific program functions, such as resizing an open window or scroll bar movement.

An VXD file definition
An VXD file (also known as Windows virtual device driver file or value-added driver file) is a helper file for a specific program. It maintains a computer's hardware with changeable settings, provides with additional capabilities. VXD files are usually installed with the Windows operating system and with other software programs.

Missing DLL Files
If you try to run some software, but receive an error like "missing or invalid file", you can use Myfixbase DLL library. Find a missing file name (for example, k2KAdr32.dll, R128xp.DLL, w042t32w.dll)from our DLL list and click "Download". Then install the needed Dll to fix your device.