How to use a Repair Manual

Repair manuals are provided by the second party publishers. They are not shop manuals which come with the products. Information, contained in repair manuals is similar to shop manuals. But it is not as specific as that included in the original document.

When you find out how repair manuals are organised, it will be quite easy to look for what you need in the manual. Repair manuals of any brand are organised identically. That is why, you can choose any publisher you like. But, for example, they may be differ by quality of photos, diagrams, etc.

So, let's see into the common features of repair manuals organisation.

Preparation and safety.

If it is required by the instructions, you must use personal protective clothing and equipment that is appropriate for the task of work. Personal safety may include work clothing, glasses and face masks, earmuffs, rubber gloves, valved respirators and others. Please, make certain that you observe all safety procedures when carrying out needed repair activities.

Step-by-step instruction.

  1. Understand information required. You should decide what information it is that you want to know about the job and about the equipment. As well, make sure that you know correctly the manufacturer, model, serial number and other necessary details of the product.
  2. Find the appropriate repair manual. The manual should be used according to the product manufacturer, model and other details.
  3. Find the correct section. Firstly, find the Table of Contents at the front of the manual and select the chapter you need. You may also choose the necessary section at the list of the equipment systems and components.
  4. Find the specifications. This section gives you a further index of contents, for the chapter. It also provides you with the manufacturer's specifications for the various components and systems.
  5. Find the service procedures. There are various photographs and diagrams. They are designed to aid you in identifying the parts of the assembly and the steps to follow.
  6. Use the index as alternative. It is a convenient way to find the needed information. The index is usually located at the back of the repair manual. Use keywords and phrases for search the needed information.

So, you know how your manual is organised. Follow the instructions attentively to perform correctly the repair you need.