What information is in a Service Manual?

A service manual contains information related to the methodology of servicing and maintaining an equipment. Service Manual is typically provided with the product. It is necessary for maintenance the equipment in good working order.

Usually manuals include the following sections.

Safety information.
There are a lot of kinds of appliances which require caution. The user of the product should be aware of all risks and possible damages. As rule, this section involve electrical safety information, child safety information, etc.

Installation and start-up procedures.
Before you start to use the equipment, you should read this section. Installation and start-up procedure may require specific tools or some preparations. Read the section attentively, the correct work of the device largely depend on the correct installation of it. Start-up procedure, performed wrong may cause serious crashes.

Scheduled maintenance requirements. This information includes a plan for periodic service the product. There are obligatory procedures, like changing the oil, oil filters, air filters, planned maintenance for various moving parts, coils, belts, bearings, etc. Of course, the certain procedures are performed according to specific features of the product. Good work of any appliance depends on regular maintenance.

Troubleshooting information. The section is needed for diagnosing mechanical problems in work of your device. So that, you are offered listing of possible crashes and malfunctions, possible reasons of them, and ways to remove them.

Repair procedures.
Service manuals describe minor repair procedures. These service includes repair and maintenance activities that can be done on an appliance without violating the warranty.

Of course, service manuals may not be limited only by the sections described above. The content can depend on the specific features of the product. But these section are the most common.