Windows Vista Drivers downloads and installations

It goes without saying, nowadays the rapid progress of IT technologies, especially in manufacturing sphere of computer software, is evident. The main task of manufacturers of utilities for PCs is achieving of an ideal compatibility of devices with definite versions of operational systems. Only in this instance a correct functioning of them is possible. Otherwise there is plenty of errors in their work, in other words a devices and operational systems can't understand each other.

Recently the question of creating a truly new operating system had been raised, and Microsoft programmers have produced Windows Vista, absolutely new trend in modern technology. The new operational system had been developed for several years and represents incredibly hard work of hundreds of people. Windows Vista has caused a real stir in the media all over the world, but its possibilities are not evaluated to a full yet. It can be said that the new operational system differs from its precursor Windows XP. Management of peripheral equipment and PC utilities is currently being conducted in accordance with a completely new scheme. Therefore, it was necessary to develop new versions of drivers for devices. Other way, Windows Vista was not able to identify devices and work with them. Of course, after release of the new OS on the world market it was turned out that it is not compatible with old appliances. The matter is that the most large companies like Canon and Epson, not found advantageous to develop new drivers versions for their old products, which have not been marketed for a long time. I is not profitable, because too large monetary investments are needed for development and support of old devices with new drivers. But all new equipment manufactured today is surely supported with Windows Vista in consequence of the wide spreading of the fresh OS.

As for Windows Vista installation, it is an easy process even for an ordinary computer user. But there is one nuance when the new OS reacts negatively to inappropriate driver files, such as files with the name suffix ini. It was noted that a lot of drivers for ATi video cards can cause the so-called BSOD (the Blue Screen of Death). BSOD appears when the overall configuration of the computer is not very well compiled. It means that some devices are conflicting with each other. Conflicts with drivers also have a place to be. In order to avoid BSOD-related errors with the drivers, you need to install more reliable driver for a particular device. The driver can be older than previous one, but it can be said concerning the standard base of drivers for Vista. This base includes only devices which were launched shortly before Windows Vista release, and this prohibits more old devices from normal working. Unfortunately, driver incompatibility is a casual problem today, because of unprofitableness to develop Vista drivers for old equipments.

In addition, it should be mentioned that not all Windows Vista drivers, represented on hundreds of present-day web portals are reliable. We strongly recommend you to download drivers from official websites or trustworthy sources without viruses. In instance, our website, offered drivers for Windows Vista can guarantee absolutely absence of viruses.

As noted above, Vista installation process is easy enough. Therewith it is not necessary to restart your computer after new driver installation, because Vista records all the needed parameters at once, in contrast to Windows XP. Windows Vista is ready for work with a new driver immediately after its installation. Nowadays there is a misconception that a lot of Windows XP drivers are also good for Vista. Fact is that usually these are drivers for peripheral devices, which are differ from drivers for computer utilities.

If you use Windows Vista, take a note that drivers of all devices will require updating, especially it relates to contemporary video adapters. The new DirectX version has been developed specially for them and supported only by Vista. This version allows to increase the efficiency of video adapter.

It may happen that driver was installed in a wrong way. In this instance, you have always opportunity to "roll it back" and restore the former driver.

So, if you are going to install driver for Windows Vista, we also recommend you to follow the certain rules.

  • It's necessary to check up drivers for viruses and other harmful programs.
  • During the process of installation you should let the installation wizard find the drivers itself. If installation wizard can't do it, show the path to the necessary ini driver file.