For what you need a User Guide

A user guide is a document designed for assistance to people using a particular equipment. User guides come usually with the product and can be a small pamphlet or a full indexed booklet.

Sometimes people totally ignore this document. But these guides can help you to get the most from your new product. So, there are serious reasons not to overlook the user guide, because it contains useful information for you.

  1. Recommendations on installation are very important for the smooth functioning and decrease risk of danger.
  2. Warranty, servicing and contact details should be known if you have some problems with your device.
  3. Power requirements and energy information are important for proper installation and best energy efficiency.
  4. Information regarding included and optional accessories is needed for you to make sure that all included accessories were packaged with your product. You can also find out what other additional parts are available for purchase. Additional accessories may enhance your device.
  5. It may happen that you will need to find replacements for the equipment. So, your user guide include parts list providing names, types, sizes and numbers. They are also important to know for maintain your product in good working order.
  6. Users guides include useful information about what may reduce life of the device or void the warranty, or cause a risk of damages and injury. So, you should follow all the manufacturer cautions.
  7. The section marked "How it works" or "Performance" involves operational tips, which are especially important if the appliance operation means an ordered sequence of specific steps. Nonobservance of this sequence can usually damage the device or parts of it.
  8. You can find tips and instructions on controls and settings for all options of your equipment. So that, you will get the most out of it.
  9. Answers to frequently asked questions concerning to maintenance are also gathered in your user guide. If you have some problems and need to get some troubleshooting tips, read the section marked "Recommended maintenance" or "Troubleshooting".
  10. Sometimes, users guides contain useful bonuses, for example, in the form of recipes or tips to use your product.
  11. So, never ignore users guides, read them and follow the tips and instructions.